Petulu Bird Watching

is a village inhabited by hundreds of herons, the village is now famous for the spot of bird watching or spotted herone bird watching, Ubud about 10 minutes from the center of the district of Ubud, there is a collection of herons. Herons or Balinese language calleds KOKOKAN live peacefully in the trees in the village of Petulu without being disturbed at all. Kokoan here number more than dozens of tails, although Petulu Village is now beginning to change with the rapid development.

The petulu village community believes that the herons are the troops that will guard the village from diseases and pests that attack their fields. This is evident, after the community made a monument in the village temple as an offering for herons, the village became prosperous, the harvest abundant and there was no danger that threatened to this day.

Kokokan birds or petulu white heron have white body color and brown face. They live in trees that exist along the village road until the front of Pura Adat Village Petulu (3 km). Kokokan will be here from October to March. This period of thousands of birds kokokan will make a nest, lay eggs, lay his eggs to hatch, and in March kokokan child have started to fly. Period April-September, Kokokan population who seen here the number decreases during the day. Maybe they fly to other areas to find food. And at afternoon around 5.30, they will return to Petulu village. So most ideal to see the kokokan in Petulu is the period of October-March and do not forget to put some small money as a donation to the village in the box that has been provided. We would be very fortunate to see a black kokokan or Herons Black, because according to the villagers, the number of black cuttings is only 2 and they are the leaders of thousands of kokokan, in Petulu Peoples believe it's a good sign.Visiting petulu village is one of the bali birds list that must be visited


Tips To See Herons Bird In Petulu

  1. If can use private transport or motorbike to easy find this villages
  2. Came on afternoon during 14.00 Pm - 16.00 Pm
  3. Came on Morning during -07.00 Am - 09.00 Am
  4. Provide donation money to visit this village.
  5. All day you will see the bird herons here, but in the daytime little bit you can see.
  6. Heading towards the north of petulu village you can also see herons birds, because of the many paddy fields there, you will see herons looking for food

Tour Information

  1. Open :06.00 Am

  2. Close :18.00 pm

  3. petulu Village Ticket : Donation

Petulu Location

  1. Jalan raya Petulu No 3
  2. Petulu Village,Ubud
  3. Phones : +6282237804939
  4. E-mail:

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