Legong Mahabarata Epic

legong mahabarata epic

Legong Mahabarata Dances Epic are merged with stories and history in Bali. Many focus on the Sanskrit epics of India which are literature that convey cultural beliefs and structure. The two most well known are the . The Ramayana has 24,000 verses and portrays the ideal characters of life such as the perfect servant or father. The Mahabharata, is the longest of them all. It is more philosophical and focuses on the goals of life. Both are brought to life through performances and storytelling. Balinese and Indian cultures are closely linked. Bali's population of four million is largely Hindu, unlike the rest of Indonesia which is predominantly Muslim. This is demonstrated once you step foot on Bali's shores and learn that the island is dotted with about 20,000 Hindu temples and shrines.

legong mahabarata
legong mahabarata

We arrived 5-10 minutes before the show and got good seats, but a bit on the side. If you get there 20-25 minutes before, you can enjoy a beer and get more centered seats. Along the walk to the show, you'll be hassled by many children trying to sell you tickets. We suggest buying your tickets from these kids, but only infront of the show (this way you're certain they're legit.) We did this, and the kids came up to the ticket takers with us to ease our minds (Price IDR 100.000/person ).Follow the story in the brochure. The little brochure that acts as your ticket also explains the show. It's a good idea to read along, that way it becomes more interesting. NOT that it isn't interesting, but the show runs a bit long, and without reference, you're not going to know what's going on or when it ends.

legong dance

Video Legong Mahabarata Epic

Note !

We don,t sell ticket online,came directly at puri saren to have ticket.

Legong mahabarata epic dances show only sunday, but for other day puri saren also offering dances show with different story and style dance.see in below detail schedule dance at puri saren palace.

Tips For You

  1. Start On 19.30 pm

  2. Close On 21.00 pm

  3. Arrive a little early for front row seatsaround 18.00 - 19.00 pm

  4. Buy your tickets from the kidsThey Stay in from gate puri saren

  5. They serve beers & drinks there

  6. Follow the story in the brochure

  7. Be prepared to sit for a while

  8. Bring mosquito lotion

Dance Information

  1. Legong Ticket : IDR 100.000

  2. Location :Puri Saren Palace

  3. Name of Troupe :Jaya Swara

  4. Phones : +6282237804939
  5. E-mail:

Dance Schedules

  1. Monday, Legong Keraton, 19:30 – 21:00
  2. Tuesday, Ramayana Ballet, 19:30 – 21:00.
  3. Wednesday,Legong & Barong, 19:30 – 21:00
  4. Thursday,Legong Keraton, 19:30 – 21:00.
  5. Friday,Barong Ubud dan keris, 19:30 – 21:00
  6. Saturday,Legong Keraton, 19:30 – 21:00.
  7. Sunday,Barong Legong mahabarata epic, 19:30 – 21:00

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We booked two trips, Tanah Lot half day tour and Ubud tour. Our driver, Ketut, was excellent. He was punctual, nice, humorous and experienced. He drove safely and helped us take good photos. We loved him and would definitely recommend him to our friends!

cliviat Hongkong China

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Ubud Vacation provided us an unparalleled opportunity to explore Bali from ancient to modern times. The tremendous beauty of the natural setting combined with the knowledge and expertise of the guide made for an unforgettable adventure! The gulet’s accommodations and elegance—including the sumptuous meals and extraordinary opportunities to swim or explore on Rafting or windsurfer—made a relaxing and reviving base, too. We will never forget this trip with Ubud Vacation.....and are already planning for another one!”

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We just wanted to say a huge thank you for organising such a wonderful holiday for our family in Bali. We came to you with little idea of what we should see and do in that great island. Over the next few weeks you gently suggested various options for itineraries based on your personal experiences which in the end led to us having our best ever holiday. The accommodation was fabulous, travel arrangements and car hire well planned, scenery awesome and we just didn’t want to come home!
A truly wonderful trip. Thank you and we'll be back!"

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just a quick email to thanks you so much for efficient and magnificent organized holiday to bali for us.we enjoyed it immensely and it all went without a hitch. we are looked after by all concerned from airport personal to drivers and of course ubud vacation staff who welcomed us back like we were family.we will definitely be using my bali again for our next holiday which i hope will be sooner rather than again

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Title : “Ubud Vacation was ok, but Bali Shore Excursion was disappointing”

16 of us went on the Celebrity Gems of Indonesia cruise in Feb 2014. One of the main reasons why I went on this cruise was to visit Bali. I thought with an over-night docking in Benoa, we could have a good 2-day visit of Bali – Not So! We saw much less than what I expected. First of all, Benoa was a tender port. It took 40 minutes to tender from the ship to land. The tendering process in Celebrity was outrageous. They put down too few tenders, and had this annoying habit of tendering their own excursion passengers ashore first before others. In our first day in Bali, we waited over 2 hours before we got on our tender – and we were among one of the first ones with tender tickets! The road system in Bali (as in other Indonesian ports-of-call) was narrow and poor. Going from Point A to Point B took a longer time than expected. For both days of excursion, we hired Ubud Vacation Private Tour. For 16 people, we travelled in two minivans, however, the vehicles’ interiors were smaller than what we were used to; so quite uncomfortable for long distance. The Indonesian guides were gentle, polite and easy going and spoke good English; but they were so polite they would not push you on and had no urgency to complete our tour itinerary. They’d gladly let you stay in an attraction all day and skip the rest of the tour, thinking that's probably what we wanted to do. For example, we could not even make it to Ubud in our second day’s tour because they did not urge us to move on from our first stop in a Balinese temple. I thought that we had time, and it turned out we didn’t. You have to do your own time management; else you just don’t get to see what you want to see. Bali was my biggest disappointment – despite all my careful planning with the operator we didn’t get to see even half of my planned itinerary; plus the sights did not live up to my expectations. One last advice, don't go to the Barong dance, it's long and the performance was boring; it took a lot out of our tour time. The Kecak dance in the Uluwatu Temple was quite unique and entertaining. I highly recommend it.

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My daughter, being fair haired and blue eyed, attracted a lot of attention. The Balinese love children and we felt welcomed everywhere we went. Travelling with a child overseas was a new experience for me, and I definitely learnt a lot on this trip. Anyone who has been to Bali knows that the walk-ways are not that smooth and there seems to be a drain every second step. Well, try those same pavements with a stroller! Let’s just say my husband has never worked so hard shopping with his wife and daughter. As well as the usual tourist shopping I found some fantastic boutique children’s clothing.

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